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5 Riveting Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Gutierrez



Richard Gutierrez is a prominent Filipino actor, television host, and model who has mesmerized millions of people with his incredible looks and exceptional talent. Over the years, he has become an icon of the Philippine entertainment industry, earning numerous accolades and adore from fans worldwide. However, there are several interesting facts and stories about him that most people aren’t aware of. In this blog, we will be discussing five riveting things that you probably didn’t know about Richard Gutierrez.

Section 1: His Early Life and Background

Richard Gutierrez was born on January 21, 1984, in Beverly Hills, California, to the renowned Filipino actor, Eddie Gutierrez, and Annabelle Rama, who is also an actress. He grew up in the Philippines and went to the Ateneo de Manila University, where he studied psychology. Before taking up acting as a career, Richard worked as a commercial model, and he made his television debut in 2002.

Section 2: His Acting Career

Richard Gutierrez has acted in several hit TV shows and movies, including “Mulawin,” “Zorro,” and “Captain Barbell.” He has won multiple awards for his remarkable performances and has worked with some of the most talented actors and directors in the Philippine film industry.

Section 3: Richard’s Philanthropic Work

Aside from his acting career, Richard Gutierrez has been known for his philanthropic work. He regularly participates in various charitable activities and is passionate about giving back to society. Richard has also been involved in several environmental causes, promoting eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Section 4: Richard’s Relationship with Sarah Lahbati

Richard Gutierrez has been in a long-term relationship with fellow actress Sarah Lahbati. The couple got engaged in 2017 and now, they have two beautiful children. Richard and Sarah have always been in the headlines for their strong relationship and love for each other.

Section 5: Richard’s Passionate Love for Motorcycles

Richard Gutierrez is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and has a passion for riding. He owns several motorcycles, and he has participated in several racing events. He values the freedom and thrill of riding motorcycles and has been an advocate for safe motorcycle riding.


1. What is Richard Gutierrez’s first TV show?

Richard’s first TV show was “Click,” a youth-oriented series that aired in the early 2000s.

2. Does Richard Gutierrez have any siblings?

Richard has six half-siblings, including actors Ruffa, Raymond, and Tonton Gutierrez, from his father’s previous relationships.

3. What awards has Richard Gutierrez won for his acting?

Richard has won several awards, including the Best Actor award at the Gawad Urian Awards and the Best Male Star of the Night award at the Star Magic Ball.

4. What is Richard Gutierrez’s net worth?

Richard’s current net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

5. What motorcycle does Richard Gutierrez ride?

Richard owns several motorcycles, including a Ducati Diavel and a Yamaha R1.

6. Who is Sarah Lahbati, Richard’s partner?

Sarah Lahbati is a Filipino-Swiss actress, TV host, and model who is known for her roles in several hit TV dramas.

7. What environmental causes has Richard Gutierrez supported?

Richard has been involved in several environmental causes, such as World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour, advocating for eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Section 6: Richard’s Business Ventures

Aside from his acting career, Richard Gutierrez is also a savvy entrepreneur. He has several businesses under his name, including a restaurant in Makati City and a clothing brand called F&H (Folded & Hung).

Section 7: Richard’s Love for Travel

Richard Gutierrez is a travel enthusiast and has visited several places around the world. His Instagram page is filled with stunning pictures from his trips to different countries, from the beaches of Bali to the mountains of Switzerland.


Richard Gutierrez is undoubtedly one of the most adored and talented actors in the Philippines. As we discussed in this blog, there are several fascinating things about him that most people aren’t aware of. From his philanthropic work to his passion for motorcycles and travel, Richard has always been a multitalented personality with many interests. We hope this blog helped you learn more about him. If you’re a fan of Richard Gutierrez, don’t forget to follow him on social media and watch his latest movies and TV shows.

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