Best Online PDF Merge Tools 

 August 16, 2022



If you want to merge PDF files then you should know that there are many free, easy-to-use online tools that can help. Merging PDF files is not as difficult as it sounds and anyone can do it with the right tool or program. These online tools can also do more than merge PDF files online. They can also help you split PDFs into smaller parts to make them easier to share or save. If you want to perform other PDF editing functions, these tools offer a full suite of different functions that can help you better manage your PDF files.

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Lumin PDF


Lumin PDF is a PDF editing program that gives you access to such functions as adding annotations, comments and other text to a PDF, while also giving you the ability to merge, split and delete PDF pages. The program comes in both an easy-to-use online browser version or a downloadable version for offline use.


In the main Lumin browser page, you can open any PDF file from your hard drive or cloud drive and then use the Page Tools button to open a drop-down menu. This menu gives you several options from Merging and Splitting to Combining and Deleting. You only have to open the tab that corresponds to you and depending on the function selected, you will be asked to enter a range of pages you want merged, taken out or deleted.

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Combine PDF


Combine PDF is an online-based tool that lets you combine not only PDF pages but images to create a new PDF document. The tool is very easy-to-use and has only online functioning so it does not come in a downloadable or offline version. Users can drag and drop their files into the browser or open them directly from their local or cloud drives.


The program also lets you perform other functions like converting other file types into PDF and vice-versa. The browser page features an open space to drop files with other functions denoted by different tabs that users can select to perform other functions like converting files, rotating pages or cropping a PDF.

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iLovePDF is an all-in-one PDF editing suite that offers a wide-range of standard and advanced PDF tools. The program is online-based and has an array of easy-to-navigate tools that users can select from the main page. The merge, split and combine tools are all separate but they have the same kind of functioning.


You can choose from any of the different tools and find the same options, like dragging and dropping a particular file into the browser to begin the merging or splitting process. You can open any number of files and choose which ones you want to merge or which ones you no longer need. Click the Combine or Merge button and then download the new file to your drive.

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Soda PDF


Soda PDF is another one-stop-shop PDF editing program that is available online and for download. The program has a lot of online tools like merging and splitting that anyone can use for free and without any daily restrictions. The merge tool has the same kind of functioning as other online tools, which let users drag and drop their files into the browser window to begin the process.


You can also open files from your drives, whether local or cloud-based to begin the process of merging or splitting. When browsing your files, you can select which files you want to merge, split or delete and then open all of them at the same time, since Soda lets you merge or split in batches.

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DocuPub is a no-nonsense type of tool that lets you not only merge and split PDF files, but also compress, convert and resize them. The tool is part of a larger PDF editing program that you can buy separately but the online tools are free to use and have similar functions to all the other tools on this list.


You can open the file or files you want to merge with the online tool but it does not let you drag and drop files. The number of files you can merge is unlimited and there are no other limits to using the merge tool. You can merge as many files as you want and then save or download the new file to your local or cloud drive.

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